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All Freeview antennae are not equal

The next step in the home cinema build is getting a decent Freeview antenna. I already have Freesat gear, but the kitchen really needs a freeview set, plus there’s still content on Freeview that has yet to make it onto DVB-S. In looking around for a decent antenna, I found a rather good site run […]

iMac, cinema amp and 24 / 96

Just found out how to get a little more sonic entertainment from the iMac that’s hooked up to the amp via a digital interconnect. In thumbing through the manual it turns out the DSP-AX620 can handle a PCM stereo source up to 32-bits per sample at 96KHz, which is nice, but initially I couldn’t find […]

Yamaha DSP-AX620 service manual

A couple of years back, I bought a semi-knackered Yamaha DSP-AX620 from eBay for a tenner: all of the analogue stages were working correctly, however the DSP board was misbehaving. As I was using a discrete decoder and the ‘620 had a 6-channel analogue in, this was fine and dandy, but as I now have […]