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Is Asus’ Tinker Board really 4K?

I’m seeing a lot of people shouting about Asus’ Tinker Board, and rightly so if what they say is correct. However, the “detail product specification” [sic] available from Farnell has an interesting little nugget buried within: The same is present upon the Tinker Board FAQ, which appears to imply that the GPU can accelerate […]

Laureline GPS NTP server review

My day job has had me fiddling around with network time recently, and in doing the research for how best we can get a properly robust, stable and non-internet-derrived time reference set up, I found the Laureline GPS NTP server on Tindie. This thing is a neat little 50mm x 80mm board that will plug […]

Perle IOLan DS not listening on port 10001?

I use these little Perle IOLan serial-to-IP adaptors for various applications, but had one instance recently where the device was not listening on TCP/10001. After a lot of head-scratching, it was a simple case of someone having toggled the Console / Serial hardware switch from the off (serial) position to on (console) – this prevents […]

Beware sneaky whois being sneaky…

Whilst blocking entire countries (hi China!) from my mail server, I stumbled across this little gem in the form of a whois driveby. In looking at a particular IP address, I found this domain name and out of routine did a whois lookup: Fine so far, but as the contact details were pulled, this appeared: […]

Archive, compress, encrypt and checksum in one pass

I got very bored with my existing (read: crap) backup scripts for my colo server, and hence decided to do something about it. Previously I’d been using tar, pbzip, openssl and sha256sum in a script doing discrete operations, but this was inefficient in both disk IOPS, temporary space usage and processor time. With a bit […]

Adding an external SSD to a mid-2011 iMac

OK, so I was a cheapskate and now I’m paying the price for not having stumped up the quite frankly preposterous number of sheckles required to have a factory-fit Solid State Drive (SSD) in my iMac. This little rambling post should allow you to get an idea for how I’ve gone about performing this upgrade. […]

Mid 2011 iMac hard drive upgrade

Well, having read loads of things about the problems involved with upgrading the hard drive in a mid-2011 iMac, I recently had to deal with the issue when working on a friend’s machine whose drive had exploded just after the warranty had expired. If you don’t want or need an SSD installed along side your […]

Amazon EC2

Just had a chance to play with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and what a superb thing it is! If you have a need to host your own web site, you can have a machine up and running literally within minutes. What’s more, if you don’t need any more than a half-gig of RAM, a […]