Buh-bye apex seals, it was nice knowing you…

Well, the inevitable failure happened, albeit a lot sooner than I’d hoped – 49,700 miles and one of the rotors lost compression on two chambers, implying that one seal had given out. If it had waited until summer I’d have had alternative transport, but as it stood it managed to pick the worst bloody time to let go.

It was loaded on to a transporter (cheers Adrian!) and delivered to Rotary Revs where Ben and his crew performed a complete engine rebuild for me in under a fortnight. They really are a superb bunch of chaps up there and have consequently won my business for life!

The car is now feeling a deal better than it ever did before and is generally more eager about everything it does even though I’m still in the be-nice-to-it running-in period, implying it wasn’t exactly in rude health when I first bought it.

But I’m not bitter – the Zoom-Zoom is back, both literally and figuratively!