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Speedometers and speedo converters (Celica ST205 JDM)

Having been chatting with a couple of people about speedo converters, speed limiters and soforth on JDM cars (specifically the ST205 Celica GT-Four in this case), I put together a little video detailing my experiments and findings. Hope it helps someone!

Proper filters (and why you should use them)

I tend to go a bit overboard on servicing things, especially as the vehicles I own tend to have higher mileage and / or are reasonably high performance. One thing I have learned over the last fifteen years or so is that replacing filters with cheap-ass generic parts usually ends up in tears one way […]

GT-Four cold start

‘Tis the season to be cranking, or so they say on YouTube anyway, so here’s a vid of a Celica GT-Four cold start…

Snow yomping

Had a play in the snow with the ‘cruiser this evening in the Stanton-in-Peak area. This is quite possibly the deepest snow I’ve seen since I was a kid, and it has to be said it was excellent fun!

Cooling system flush and radiator change – part one

I’ve finally got round to flushing out the cooling system on the ‘cruiser before changing the radiator (it’s on the list of to-do’s before my trip next year) so seeing as the weather was particularly nice, I decided to give it a go.

Big-end bearing change

OK – first up a warning: If you own an 80-series Land Cruiser with a 12-valve 1HD-T diesel and you don’t know when the bearings were last changed, do them now. Seriously – right now. Go. RUN! I’d been mooching around on the Toyota Landcruiser Owners’ Club UK forums for a few months before I […]