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Perle IOLan DS not listening on port 10001?

I use these little Perle IOLan serial-to-IP adaptors for various applications, but had one instance recently where the device was not listening on TCP/10001. After a lot of head-scratching, it was a simple case of someone having toggled the Console / Serial hardware switch from the off (serial) position to on (console) – this prevents […]

Archive, compress, encrypt and checksum in one pass

I got very bored with my existing (read: crap) backup scripts for my colo server, and hence decided to do something about it. Previously I’d been usi ng tar, pbzip, openssl and sha256sum in a script doing discrete operations, but this was inefficient in both disk IOPS, temporary space usage and processor time. With a […]

New iMac – it’s very shiny

I’ve been deliberating long and hard over what computer to buy. For the last decade or so I’ve run Linux on my desktop, mainly because the things that I do with my machine are all, with the notable exception of video editing, covered admirably by both free software and not exactly cutting-edge hardware. Having said […]

New OpenRD-Ultimate machine

I took delivery of a new toy today: it’s an ARM-5 powered development platform known as OpenRD that gives you a 1.2GHz ARM-5 CPU, 512MB RAM, 512MB flash, a MicroSD card slot, internal SATA drive mounting point, eSATA, dual gigabit ethernet, 7 USB ports etc…