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Adding an external SSD to a mid-2011 iMac

OK, so I was a cheapskate and now I’m paying the price for not having stumped up the quite frankly preposterous number of sheckles required to have a factory-fit Solid State Drive (SSD) in my iMac. This little rambling post should allow you to get an idea for how I’ve gone about performing this upgrade. […]

Mid 2011 iMac hard drive upgrade

Well, having read loads of things about the problems involved with upgrading the hard drive in a mid-2011 iMac, I recently had to deal with the issue when working on a friend’s machine whose drive had exploded just after the warranty had expired. If you don’t want or need an SSD installed along side your […]

iMac, cinema amp and 24 / 96

Just found out how to get a little more sonic entertainment from the iMac that’s hooked up to the amp via a digital interconnect. In thumbing through the manual it turns out the DSP-AX620 can handle a PCM stereo source up to 32-bits per sample at 96KHz, which is nice, but initially I couldn’t find […]

New iMac – it’s very shiny

I’ve been deliberating long and hard over what computer to buy. For the last decade or so I’ve run Linux on my desktop, mainly because the things that I do with my machine are all, with the notable exception of video editing, covered admirably by both free software and not exactly cutting-edge hardware. Having said […]