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Cooling system flush and radiator change – part one

I’ve finally got round to flushing out the cooling system on the ‘cruiser before changing the radiator (it’s on the list of to-do’s before my trip next year) so seeing as the weather was particularly nice, I decided to give it a go.

A442F doesn’t like first gear

My auto box has a problem unlike any auto I’ve worked with before. When warm and in D, 2 or L, if you mash the throttle the box can’t hold on to first and jumpsĀ  into second. I noticed this problem when I test drove the car and to be honest it doesn’t tend to […]

Brake and hub service complete!

Got the calipers serviced today – of the eight pistons, only one was seized and even then not badly. A bit of pounding with a hammer and an aluminium drift had it freed up in ten minutes or so, with most of the time spent cleaning out the calipers themselves, all of the oilways, seal […]

Caliper service bits

I picked up the caliper service parts from Inchcape Derby today – not bad considering the parts were only ordered Wednesday. So far, they’ve always managed to get me bits and pieces for the truck within 48 hours, which does make the sometimes scary prices a little easier to swallow!

Cooling system flush, rear heater disconnect

While I was under the car a couple of days ago changing the ATF, I spotted that the cooler lines to the rear passenger heater matrix were basically two cylindrical rust formations. Given how effective the main heater is anway, I decided it would be a good stop-gap to just pull the rear heater out […]

Transmission fluid change

As part of the rolling maintenance I’m doing (there’s no way I could afford to do all of this in one go!) the next thing on the list was the tranny fluid. The fluid that was in it didn’t smell burned at all, but it was a bit murky. 10L of Morris Dexron III ATF […]

Big-end bearing change

OK – first up a warning: If you own an 80-series Land Cruiser with a 12-valve 1HD-T diesel and you don’t know when the bearings were last changed, do them now. Seriously – right now. Go. RUN! I’d been mooching around on the Toyota Landcruiser Owners’ Club UK forums for a few months before I […]