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Braindamaged design Jaguar XK8 oil / temperature fail

A friend of mine has an XK8 that’s just started making abominable noises from its engine’s nether regions and I’ve said that I’ll take a look at it for him. It turns out that XK8s dropping oil pressure which causes them to chew up their big-end and main bearings is actually a common problem – […]

Cooling system flush and radiator change – part one

I’ve finally got round to flushing out the cooling system on the ‘cruiser before changing the radiator (it’s on the list of to-do’s before my trip next year) so seeing as the weather was particularly nice, I decided to give it a go.

Cooling system flush, rear heater disconnect

While I was under the car a couple of days ago changing the ATF, I spotted that the cooler lines to the rear passenger heater matrix were basically two cylindrical rust formations. Given how effective the main heater is anway, I decided it would be a good stop-gap to just pull the rear heater out […]