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Brake and hub service complete!

Got the calipers serviced today – of the eight pistons, only one was seized and even then not badly. A bit of pounding with a hammer and an aluminium drift had it freed up in ten minutes or so, with most of the time spent cleaning out the calipers themselves, all of the oilways, seal […]

Caliper service bits

I picked up the caliper service parts from Inchcape Derby today – not bad considering the parts were only ordered Wednesday. So far, they’ve always managed to get me bits and pieces for the truck within 48 hours, which does make the sometimes scary prices a little easier to swallow!

Other front disc changed

Both discs are now changed and this time everything came apart much easier. Also the caliper this side looks to be in much better condition, but both of them will be reconditioned anyway: I don’t like taking chances with brakes. The cause of the slight play in the bearing also became quite clear when I […]

Effing calipers…

Well, I swapped the first disc out last night only to be scuppered at the last step by a bloody seized piston in the caliber! Ho hum – recon kit ordered from Mr. T: hope it’ll be here in time for the weekend…

Front brake inspection

I’d had a quick look at the front brakes a couple of weeks back, but as the weather’s so nice I decided to take a proper look. Turns out the front discs are not quite the shape that Toyota intended and a bit too thin for my liking, so a new set of discs was […]