Is Asus’ Tinker Board really 4K?

I’m seeing a lot of people shouting about Asus’ Tinker Board, and rightly so if what they say is correct.

However, the “detail product specification” [sic] available from Farnell has an interesting little nugget buried within:

Tinker Board specification

The same is present upon the Tinker Board FAQ, which appears to imply that the GPU can accelerate H.264 / H.265 4K decode, and can output a 4K HDMI datastream that has been upscaled from 1080P, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to say it can get a 4K image from somewhere and chuck it out over HDMI without first having been rendered at 1080P and subsequently upscaled.

TBH right now I couldn’t give a rodent’s posterior about 4K output as it’s the gigabit ethernet that makes this interesting for me, however the fact all the press have been shouting about it supporting 4K without scratching a little deeper annoys me somewhat. Oh well, more alternate facts for us to digest, eh? 😉


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