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I’m a thirty-something geek, living in north Staffordshire and working in south Derbyshire as a telecoms research engineer, which basically means I’m a professional tinkerer.

Prior to being in telecoms, I predominantly worked in the technical side of broadcast and professional video with a brief spell as an industrial automation trainee before that. Generally speaking, the handful of positions I’ve held have all been very cool as I get paid to do something that I love doing, and as you go through life you realise that is actually quite a privileged position to hold.

As can be inferred from the previous sentence, my hobbies generally align with my past and present commercial activities, hence interests in telecoms, networking, home cinema, video production and photography.

And silly cars.

If you feel a desperate need to do so, you can follow me on Twitter. I also have another, slightly well less tended web site over at disgruntledgoat.com that covers a rather bemusing array of random crap.

Also, as is the way nowadays, this site is now available via HTTPS. To see if you’re connecting directly to this site and not via some random man-in-the-middle, the site’s SSL key fingerprints are as follows:

SHA1: 52:1C:66:1F:89:80:96:D6:08:16:FE:B3:0B:80:3E:69:E2:44:2B:BA
MD5: 01:6C:55:27:0A:F0:47:0C:1E:49:11:EF:18:35:00:A3

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  1. Paul Willis


    I just read your posts about the pistons. The guys with 80’s in Queensland (Australia) were finding that their pistons were seizing every few year, probably due to the high humidity so one of them developed some 316 SS replacements. He gets a batch done every now and then, $330 (AUD) for all the pistons front and rear and nobody that has put them in has had a problem since. I’m rebuilding my swivel hubs soon so I’ve ordered a set for myself so I can do the calipers at the same time. He does do it with the rubbers etc as well for $400 but I’d rather use the genuine Toyota seals.

    If your interested jump on to offroad80s.com and contact the “TheBigBoy”.

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